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ALLCAPS has a professional recording studio located in Sugar Creek,MO featuring the best of both

vintage and modern instruments. A laid back atmosphere is emphasized to get the best from you. We don't watch the clock, we make music


STUDIO TIME: $200 per day (Setup,tracking,mixing,mastering etc.)

My day rate is $200 per day noon to midnight. this includes tracking, mixing,production,reamping etc. Call for multiple day discounts. I have discontinued my per-song rate as I enjoy making at least minimum wage. Come on I really want that Neve desk too!

MIXING: Attended; $35/hr Non-attended $25/hr

In this particular case I mean mixing YOUR tracks. Tracked it at home? Somewhere else? No problem, let me put a shine on it for you.

MASTERING: $30 per song non-attended

Oh mastering, that black art. I will master your recordings to a pro-level of clarity and loudness without destoying the transients.

TRACKING: Call for a Quote

Dabbling in recording yourself but don't have a DW Collectors kit or a JCM800 and, if you did, you don't have a great room to record it in? Guess what? We do! Call today and we'll get you set up/tracked and on your way with some great tracks to build your mix on. Rates vary depending on setup and needs.

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